1920’s Fashion in America | A Vintage Look at the 1920’s

1920’s Fashion in America | A Vintage Look at the 1920’s

The 1920’s fashion trends have been featured in many articles, photographs and print so as to give us a picture of how our great ancestors trended in their own cool way. However, today many fashion houses have tried to bring the vintage style back and have been greatly appreciated by fashion experts.
On a lighter note, after the World War 1, the fashion world changed. Some high end upscale textiles were now affordable, and made it possible for trendy fashionable items to be made at home. In the 1920s most clothes were handmade. However, one stunning thing about the 1920s fashion was the outline of their designs. The clothes were notably straight and flat. At times it almost looked like any style other than straight was a big no. The straight shape is a distinct component in the 1920s style.
Let us take a look at how 1920s wardrobe was like back then.

1. Hats and head wear.

There were several styles for women’s hats. Some were styled like bonnets and others were close fitting commonly known as Felt Helmets. Most of the hats had silk roses, buckles, ribbons, feathers, pins and many more. The style differences were endless, with some having a ribbon loop on its side, while others had gold lace trim and were in velvet. Although women’s hats were of various types, men’s hats were simple an quite the opposite since they were in black, blue or a shade of brown colors. The hats were made of felt and had the same style you see in the 1920’s movies. There was also the option of a snap-front, woolen hat.

2. Coats and outerwear.

Coats were often made of brown and dark blue subdued colors, and often had large buttons. Furs were popular with these coats. Almost any animal was available to line the coat’s insides or even to act as a warm collar. Many coats, however, were long in that they stretched below the knee, shorter coats were also in fashion. Sport jackets were popular as well due to functionality and convenience.

3. Sweaters.

Woolen sweaters were also common in the 1920s. They came in different colors, but navy and maroon were the popular choices. Some sweaters featured buttons done the front while others had wide colors and belts. Cardigans were also very popular. They were double knitted and all-wool and came in a large range of colors. They had anywhere between three to six buttons, with or without pockets.

4. Shoes.

Shoes back then were most of the time laced up above the ankle, having a fairly tall heel for women and come in many colors but many women wore brown or black leather shoes. While men shoes came in black or blown cap toe oxford for office wear, converse tennis shoes for casual and formal brogue wingtip.

As women’s fashion was rapidly breaking ground, men’s fashion style remained relatively the same. Men wore suits together with hats into town and wore flannel at home. But more on that another time.


Written By: Tony King

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